Building the perfect plan

Tool your Supply Chain teams to build and measure the optimal demand, supply and inventory plan.



For many organisations, how they manage unanticipated events is a measure of their success and maturity. Leaders do this well, because they have established metrics and alerts that highlight deviations and provide the necessary insights to take immediate remedial action.

Empowered teams who proactively identify these anomalies, are evidence of good processes and systems where non-added value activities are automated and individuals focus on tasks requiring their expert attention.

As part of their business transformation efforts, OPTIMIZA customers align cross-functional teams internally and externally using the continuous improvement framework, and formalise their processes into a structured auditable system across:

  • Demand forecasting and Promotions management
  • Inventory optimization and replenishment planning
  • Supply and production planning

Companies use OPTIMIZA to maximise service levels, increase customer loyalty and protect margins.

They do this not only by aligning demand and supply processes but also through building, managing and executing a dynamic, agile and responsive demand and replenishment plan.

Formalising the demand and inventory management processes, includes defining KPIs and alerts that update as and when the plans are updated providing up to the moment visibility

Web-enabled, OPTIMIZA features industry specific templates and configurable business rules that adapt to the organisations' needs;

it is designed to enable organisations to tame their inventory and evaluate alternative right sizing strategies, as well as the optimal frequency of the replenishment orders to generate a profitable response to demand plans.

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