Harnessing Globalisation
with flexible solutions.

Leaders deliver sustainable supply chain performance with flexible software solutions.


The SMART Solutions Suite.

Taming Supply Chain Globalisation with Global Solutions


Harnessing Globalisation with flexible solutions.

Globalisation has delivered some expected and unexpected challenges: Supply chains are more dynamic, more complex and carry more risk. Leading companies are scrutinising the performance of each node in their supply chain to ensure targets both internal and external are met.

How well companies define their strategy and connect it to execution and optimisation defines their agility in responding to market changes and ultimately their performance.

The SMART Suite is an integrated platform that provides both the technological and functional flexibility companies need to build out their capabilities to achieve supply chain excellence at their own pace.

How does the SMART suite work?

SMART Suite Solutions timeline

Building capabilities at your pace.

The SMART suite provides the capability for every organisation to simultaneously articulate a long term strategy, and as time progresses, retain visibility as to how this strategy translates into plans and is executed.

It empowers supply chain teams end to end, to track performance and generate scenario based proposals for corrective action either at the strategic, tactical or executional level.


From strategic design, through tactical optimisation, to effective execution, the SMART suite provides process best practices, performance visibility, and control across functions.

The successful balance of costs and service provides very real and tangible benefits for Supply Chain leaders and a strong competitive advantage for organisations.

The SMART technology strategy


SMART Suite Technology Strategy - Plan


SMART Suite Technology Strategy - Model


SMART Suite Technology Strategy - Optimise


SMART Suite Technology Strategy - Execute

Keeping it all connected.

Nothing in today’s supply chain is static, quite the opposite. To maintain performance, Supply Chain professionals need to have at their fingertips, capabilities that go beyond building and executing a plan.

Executives are under pressure to deliver shareholder value, Supply Chain leaders must deliver on service and costs targets; modelling and optimising provide a window into the future both at a strategic and executional level.


They enable the clear visualisation of complex processes and networks and allow their tuning based on key business drivers.

Plan, Model, Optimise and Execute are pillars of the SMART suite; adopting the Barloworld Supply Chain Software solutions makes it possible for you to build on those same pillars to improve performance.

The SMART Integration Layer

Common Architecture (3-Tier)

business rules engine - Web portals - Common Framework - Imports - Interactive Dashboards - Reporting

     Integration Services     

ERP Systems

WMS Systems

Reporting Services

Other Services

Process & Data Integration provide SMART capabilities.

Integration in the Barloworld Supply Chain Software SMART supply chain suite delivers data and process integration with over 30 ERP systems, databases and web based data sources. These capabilities are available throughout the SMART suite and are the foundation of our Enterprise Integration Platform.

Users can easily set up connections to ERP systems such SAP Netweaver®, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics and many more, removing the need for a third party tool or integration partner, and thus both simplifying the process and the time it takes to complete. The SMART integration layer provide a two-way data transformation capability, firmly moving away from unreliable and wieldy transfers to achieve seamless value added integration.

Our SMART integration layer also interfaces with technologies such as Google BigQuery®, Amazon DynamoDB® and OData Services to integrate more unstructured sources of Big Data into supply chain planning.

The additional insight into global trends or events that may impact on your business, give you the ability to plan and execute more resilient and agile supply chains. Big Data Source containing global meteorological patterns for example can point to alternate shipping routes to be used during times of extreme weather in certain parts of the world.

We can integrate with...

  • SAP
  • Sage
  • Dynamics GP


  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft


  • Leading Marketing Automation Tools
  • Leading CRM Tools
  • ...and many more

SMART solutions for your Industry

A SMART cross-industry platform with industry specific capabilities

A SMART cross-industry platform with industry specific capabilities.

Designing your best solution.

The SMART Solutions Suite provides a unique elasticity in how you build your capabilities overtime. By combining the right modules and technology, we create a Smart integrated, platform, tailored to and delivering on, our clients' business needs.


It allows you to focus on and resolve your most prominent challenge today and expand tomorrow.