A little peace of mind
goes a long way.

Our support packages and services are designed to give you peace of mind.
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Our Support Services.

No enquiry is too small!

If you have an enquiry about functionality, a question regarding your installation or a query concerning results, our support team is here to help you obtain maximum value and productivity benefits from your investment.

Barloworld Supply Chain Software has dedicated support desks for all our products in several countries. The teams are available to answer all support and software related queries. This is bolstered by our large in-house product development teams who can provide a second level of support.

The value to you.

As part of the annual support and maintenance subscription, you will enjoy the following benefits to ensure you and your team get full value from our applications:

  • New releases, service packs and upgrades
  • Installation and implementation assistance
  • Functionality 'walk-through'
  • Model diagnosis and troubleshooting
  • Telephone, email and internet support
  • On-site support (where found to be necessary to resolve a problem)
  • Attendance at the annual Barloworld Supply Chain Software User Forum in any geography

For CAST support.

Tel +44 (0)121 746 5361

email castsupport@barloworldscs.com
or raise a support ticket in GOLD Service.

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For OPTIMIZA support.

Tel +44 (0)121 746 5357

email optimizasupport@barloworldscs.com

Leverage more from our solutions: train and learn

Because we are committed to ensure you get the most out of our Supply Chain applications we tailor bespoke training to your needs.

Our goal is to help you to leverage more
from our Supply Chain applications!

We do this in several ways across the SMART Supply Chain Suite - CAST, CAST Flow and OPTIMIZA – for beginners, experienced users or system administrators.

Business Process

SMART Inventory Management training:

  • Introduce the basic principles of inventory management and optimisation
  • Provide a better understanding of how to develop inventory optimisation processes
  • Present best practice strategic and tactical activities in inventory optimisation

Open courses

Includes delegates from different companies at our regional offices.

  • Your team will learn how to apply newly gained knowledge and skills toward the successful accomplishment of your organisation’s goals.

Tailored Courses

Delivered at a location of your choice, directly to your team and for a maximum of 8 attendees.

  • The approach integrates hands-on classroom experience with solving real business challenges for a single course or a multi-course continuous improvement program.
  • Our team works with you to understand objectives, assess your organisation's needs and together identify program specifications that ensure we deliver your ideal training solution.

Train the trainer

  • We also offer the opportunity to train a member of your team to become a trainer to enable the further replication of skills knowledge and ultimately value.

Book your training now.

The global Barloworld Supply Chain Software team have delivered 189 training courses in the last 5 years alone; our expertise and industry experience can handle all aspects of your training needs.

For further details of course content please contact either: castsupport@barloworldscs.com


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Our experts at your disposal: consultancy services

Experts in supply chain processes,
experts in your industry.

In the last 20 years, Barloworld Supply Chain Software has seen how organisations across the globe are increasingly relying on an effective supply chain to boost business performance.

In working with those organisations, Barloworld Supply Chain Software has amassed strong expertise in providing solutions for strategic, tactical and operational supply chain planning and optimisation; we have also developed the most effective and comprehensive professional services team.


Acknowledged Experts

Often from industry, our consultants have second to none expertise in network design and modelling, flow and inventory optimisation, and demand and supply planning. With a global presence our consultants are the trusted choice by existing and new customers requiring professional supply chain services.

Industry specific

The combination of industry focused consultants and a deep technology understanding accumulated through the software development process makes our consultants the partner of choice:

  • To construct robust models
  • To interpret their results
  • To identify cost saving strategies for your business

Repeat performance

Over the years we have completed hundreds of projects from simple forecasting and warehouse location centre of gravity analyses, to complex global supply chain and inventory strategy reviews. We have helped existing and new customers identify up to 14.5% saving in their supply chain.

Delivering value

Whether you are looking for short to medium term benefits (such as asset utilisation, profitability, service level improvements and optimal stock sourcing) or medium to long term benefits (such as merger and acquisition analysis, inventory forecasting, depot relocation or operational integration) our specialist consultants will help you to optimise your business and deliver value.

Accelerating your time to value: consider mentoring

We commit to accelerating your
time to value!

The team here understands that to get the best from our powerful and flexible applications sometimes needs additional expert input. Our mentoring service has been designed exactly around this.

Mentoring is available in two forms

  • Face-to-face: typically taken a day at a time, this is ideal for more in-depth discussions throughout a project, or where collaborative working on computers is required.
  • Remote: Available in packs of 20 hours and taken “by-the-hour”, is best suited to shorter discussions about particular topics and functionality.

Mentoring can add value at any stage of a project

  • Project scoping and kick-off – our experienced consultants understand that a thorough appreciation of all project features gives the best possible outcome. Mentoring at the start of a project ensures that all business and modelling aspects are taken into account from the very start.
  • Data collection, validation and preparation – we know that data underpins all the work done in our tools and the value of right-first-time. Mentoring at this stage of a project will ensure that the right data is collected, processed and used.
  • Model conceptualisation and design - with different paths to achieving the same results, choosing the right one can sometimes be difficult. Mentoring will explore the different options to arrive at the best solution(s) for both base-case and scenario models.
  • Results analysis, interpretation and presentation – for true success, the results of supply chain optimisation must be understood and communicated. Mentoring through this stage a project gives deep understanding of the results, enabling presentation at a business sensitive context and level
How can we help?

How can we help you?

Getting the best from our solutions sometimes needs additional expert input!