OPTIMIZA Software Support

Support is there to answer those quick questions but also to provide our customers with solid technical support for the OPTIMIZA installation.

The OPTIMIZA Software Support Team

Barloworld Supply Chain Software maintains a dedicated team of five experienced consultants available to answer all support queries and assist in answering software related questions. Further to this, a fully resourced Software Development team provides a second level of Support.

Support Benefits

The annual maintenance provides the following benefits to our customers:

  • New releases of OPTIMIZA
  • Telephone support
  • Available between the times of 8 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday
  • Technical Support for the implementation
  • Explanation of the software function
  • On-site support is available where found to be necessary to resolve a problem

New Optimiza Customers to Support

The Support Team takes over the Support of new Customers from the Implementation Project. A Support Hand Over process is completed by the Support Manager, Barloworld Supply Chain Software Consultant and the Customer. This involves a process of site familiarisation and site audit by the Support Manager at Barloworld Supply Chain Software. This ensures continuity for the customer and ownership within the Barloworld Support Team.

The Support Team then maintains contact with the customer on a regular basis to ensure the software grows and develops with the customer successfully. A site audit three months after the implementation is offered to ensure that the implementation of Optimiza continues to be used within the bounds of best practice. This audit will often be driven by the customer keen to move Optimiza forward again. Indeed it's an opportunity to identify new requirements and further enhance the use of Optimiza.

If new development is requested by the Customer or suggested by a Barloworld Supply Chain Software Consultant, one of our Consultants will be assigned to manage the new project. However big or small, prior to work commencing, a project plan and cost projection is always provided.

Barloworld Supply Chain Software prides itself on the commitment of its consultants to provide inspiration.

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