Inventory Planning and Inventory Optimisation

Putting inventory optimisation decisions back in the hands of senior management, Barloworld Supply Chain Software pushes the boundaries of your business with our supply chain planning software solutions.

Agile, flexible and efficient supply chains need to be planned. So we offer the tools, processes, people and experience in inventory optimisation to inspire your people and your company to reach new heights. Highly regarded as a world-class inventory optimisation tool, Optimiza inventory management software enables companies to build an inventory model that simulates the unique characteristics of their business.

In addition to this the Optimiza inventory management software then determines and maintains the optimal safety stock and replenishment levels over time. This is essential for companies to push the performance envelope of their business in a safe and controlled manner.

Optimiza provides an easy-to-use interface and is adaptable, quick to implement and process-based. Unlike ERP and other inventory management software systems, Optimiza is designed as an inventory management tool and is not a transaction-based system.

Our first class network design software CAST Aurora complements Optimiza Inventory Planner by modelling global or regional supply chain networks and can be used in combination with or independently of our Optimiza software. We also offer a full suite of professional services, including supply chain consultants, designed to allow you to reach your full supply chain planning potential that can be used in tandem with or independently of our software.

More than 600 companies and 4,000 people involved in supply chain planning across Europe, the USA, Asia Pacific, Australia and Africa have, in partnership with Barloworld Supply Chain Software, gained better control of their supply chains and created opportunities to model the future of their companies. We would be delighted to share some of our individual experiences with you. Please contact us for our case studies and testimonials.

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