Supply Chain Forecasting and Demand Planning

Simple item level forecasting can satisfy many businesses, but with ever-increasing complexity being introduced by shorter product life cycles, expanding regional and global customer bases and an explosion of new product variations and alternative brands, advanced demand management becomes a necessity.

In addition, the way we do business is also changing. Manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers need to constantly collaborate with their suppliers to ensure that they are constantly in synchronization with demand variations caused by promotional plans and new product introductions.

Hence, the need for a single, accurate and up-to-date demand forecast is greater than ever and the challenge companies face is to design an effective demand management process that is easy to understand, use and maintain.

Optimiza Demand Planner (ODP) has been designed to meet these requirements.

The functionality within ODP demand management software includes tournament forecasting, sales history cleansing, top-down bottom-up forecasting, new part introductions, life cycle management, event and promotional management and accuracy and alerts function. The Data Streaming functionality allows the forecast to be viewed and managed from any angle.

ODP interfaces with in-house Host or ERP systems in a number of different ways i.e. via a simple flat file transfer, an ETL direct database interface tool.

Our inventory optimisation modelling tool Optimiza Inventory Planner complements ODP by converting the resulting line item forecast into the optimal inventory levels and replenishment plan. Our first class network design software CAST Aurora complements Optimiza by modelling global or regional supply chain networks and can be used in combination with or independently of our Optimiza software.

More than 600 companies and 4,000 people involved in supply chain planning across Europe, the USA, Asia Pacific, Australia and Africa have, in partnership with Barloworld Supply Chain Software, gained better control of their supply chains and created opportunities to model the future of their companies. We would be delighted to share some of our individual experiences with you. Please contact us for our case studies and testimonials.

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