CAST Aurora Software for Supply Chain Modelling

Why CAST Aurora software?

CAST Aurora is a powerful supply chain planning software application used for global supply chain network modelling, strategic network design and supply chain optimisation. Driven by our proprietary e-licensing, CAST Aurora is used world-wide by third party logistics, manufacturing, consulting and retail companies to evaluate and identify different supply chain strategies, leading to supply chain cost savings and service improvements. With over 200 licenses & 1000 trained users, our clients typically achieve a 10-15% saving on their supply chain costs through the application of supply chain network optimisation. CAST Aurora users are supported by experienced, local supply chain consultants based in North America, Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa.

Optimising the Supply Chain Network

Supply chain network optimisation trades-off competing costs, such as warehousing & transportation, to identify the optimal supply chain configuration. This takes into consideration target service lead times for forecast, or actual, supply & demand volumes by location.

CAST As-is To-be Network

Optimising the Network Migration & Implementation Plan

By optimising the supply chain in weekly, monthly and yearly time horizons, CAST can identify not only what the optimal supply chain should be, but also when changes to the network should occur, thereby optimising the network migration and implementation plan, and realising all the potential savings identified in the strategic review.

Optimising Supply Chain resources in a Seasonal Business

From holiday peaks in consumer markets, to harvest periods in agriculture, seasonal variability in supply and demand puts strain on the supply chain, resulting in higher operating costs and reduced profit margins.

CAST 12 month profile

CAST Aurora can identify cost savings in a seasonal network by:

• building stock across the network to meet seasonal peaks in demand and seasonal falls in supply

• tactically sizing network resources by time period

• flexing capacities in the network such as adding shifts and opening overflow warehousing

CAST Aurora can also maximise profitability in capacity constrained networks, where demand allocation decisions need to be made.

Perfect for Manufacturers and Retailers

Our manufacturing clients have been using CAST Aurora supply chain network modelling software to evaluate the cost and service impacts of alternative global manufacturing footprints, moving operations from high cost countries in the West to low cost manufacturing bases in Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe.

Manufacturers are not only looking at developing markets such as India & China as a source for low cost manufacturing, but also as increasingly important domestic consumer markets for their products and use CAST Aurora to identify the optimal warehouse configuration for each market.

CAST Aurora is also used by manufacturers for medium and long term capacity planning, to optimise the production mix by line & plant, to customise service level offerings across their market channels and to maximise profitability when planning for seasonal volatility or for capacity constraints across the network.

The world's most progressive retailers deploy CAST Aurora to identify optimal distribution infrastructures for their national supply chain networks, particularly as they expand product ranges; change store configurations and develop new market channels in response to changing consumer demands and supply chain costs.

Retailers are also using CAST Aurora supply chain modelling software to design supply chains for overseas market expansion, expanding home delivery and internet shopping networks and to evaluate alternative and collaborative sourcing strategies.

Next Generation Network Optimisation:

Key Functionality & Features

Technology Platform: CAST Aurora is developed in an advanced, 3 tiered-client server architecture. This facilitates bigger, faster and more complex model building to match today's increasingly globalised & fragmented supply chains. The new architecture also offers much greater flexibility in the deployment options available across the organisation.

Map Displays: A simple & intuitive map-driven model building interface enables faster & easier model building. Advanced GIS mapping capabilities enhance visibility & understanding of supply and demand data, allowing users to validate the supply chain.

CAST Scatter Plot Landscape

Centre of Gravity Modelling: Calculates the optimal number & location of warehouses for target service delivery lead-times to customers and suppliers, considering regional warehouse locations costs and capacities, and transport costs.

Service Lead Time Analysis: Global geo-coding capability allows mapping of customer service levels and transport lead-times across actual road networks, for each supply chain configuration tested.


Supply Chain Strategy Modelling: Multi-time period, Mixed Integer Programming Optimisation is used to identify the best multi-echelon, supply chain configuration to save costs, improve service levels and maximise profits. It includes:

• Multi-units of measure, capacities, currencies & time periods

• Multi-level Bill of Materials & Production Modelling

• Demand Allocation Profit Maximisation

• Freight consolidation optimisation

• Dedicated Transport Fleet sizing & multi-drop delivery operations

• Inventory optimisation & stock building over time

• Stock-In-Transit Optimisation

• Fulfilment service level & Transport Lead-time service levels

• Differentiated service levels by Customer Tier demand classes

• Warehouse storage capacity & sizing optimisation

• Multi-modal transportation modelling

• Soft & hard constraint options

Supply Chain Tax Optimisation

Reporting: A fully customisable Visibility Layer permits the creation of user defined reports with an unlimited range of formats & content. This enables rapid interpretation of network results and cost drivers, which accelerates the strategic decision support process in the boardroom. Results can be exported into HTML, PDF, XLS or CSV file formats for further review.

CAST Inventory Build Summary

Please see the CAST Aurora product sheet, below

CAST Product Sheet  ( 1mb PDF Document )

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