Barloworld SCS's Supply Chain Planning Software Solutions

Barloworld Supply Chain Software develops flexibly deployed software solutions to enable their clients to solve scalable and complex supply chain planning challenges at the Supply Chain Design, Deployment and Execution level. These solutions are supported by proven methodologies and processes, and an international team of domain experts in order to deliver superior Supply Chain Network & Inventory performance.

CAST Aurora Software

Next Generation, Network Optimisation Software. CAST Aurora is a world class supply chain network modelling software application, permitting supply chain network design and supply chain planning optimisation that delivers significant cost savings and service improvements for leading global organisations.  learn more

CAST-CO2 software

Carbon Emissions Modelling. CAST-CO2 software is cutting edge technology that calculates the environmental impact of a supply chain by providing the carbon footprint and carbon cost. It identifies the optimal supply chain network configuration for a business based on cost, service and carbon emissions. learn more

CAST Flow software

Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimisation (MEIO). CAST Flow software is a holistic multi-echelon inventory optimisation software tool that identifies the ideal inventory planning strategy for an entire supply chain, in order to reduce costs, reduce inventory investment and improve service levels.  learn more

Optimiza Inventory Planner software

Sustained Inventory Management. Optimiza Inventory Planner software is an advanced inventory management software application that builds an inventory risk model for a business and then ensures that each replenishment order placed minimises the risk to the business. learn more

Optimiza Demand Planning software

Optimiza Demand Planner (ODP) software is an advanced demand management software application that allows an organisation to build and maintain accurate demand planning within the business.  learn more

Supply Chain Software Services

Industry knowledge, teamed with specialist supply chain consultants and our understanding of the underlying technology through our development of software, makes us the ideal partner to construct robust supply chain network models and to interpret their results to help you to optimise your business through supply chain strategies. learn more
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GOLD Service is a collection of online services for Barloworld Supply Chain Software CAST clients. It allows users to submit support issues, transfer data between themselves and Barloworld consultants, claim and relinquish licenses for CAST, request remote mentoring plus more.

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