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Barloworld Supply Chain Software is helping businesses run more efficiently by offering all its software solutions on the cloud, with maintenance and support, to help free up time for its clients and their IT departments.

"Running supply chain planning software on the cloud has become a more efficient and lower cost method of operating" explains Kevin Boake, Managing Director of Barloworld SCS. "Providing our support service and software solutions hosted on the cloud, as opposed to on the client's own server and platform, means we can take on some of the strain from the business in maintaining the software and monitoring the data."

Supply chain planning software is critical to the day-to-day business of Barloworld SCS's customers, but sometimes the in-house IT departments are not equipped to support it. Providing its software via the cloud, Barloworld SCS offers a robust alternative solution.

In the event of a client server failure Barloworld SCS reduces the recovery time, using the cloud. Where the server and platform would usually need to be restored, potentially taking hours to recover, a remote server on the cloud can be  up and running again in just a couple of minutes, with no rebuilding or restoring required.

"Our software is essentially a 'bolt-on' solution for companies looking to improve their supply chains and when problems arise, more than 90% of the time it is because the client's IT department does not have the resource, time or knowledge to support it" says Kevin Boake.

Remote hosting in the cloud also means the system is monitored 24/7, backed up regularly and is highly scalable, the hardware is always up to date and usage of the software is optimised.

The client can access the system and data remotely from any location at any time and Barloworld SCS consultants can log in to the system remotely to provide further support in supply chain planning strategy.

"For hosting we have a dedicated System Administrator and scalable hardware, with continued investment in the latest technology" adds Kevin. "We maximise availability, monitor data and maintain databases to ensure business continuity."

Barloworld Supply Chain Software (SCS) offers SaaS on the cloud with its entire suite of smart software solutions. Optimiza Inventory and Demand Planner software is used for forecasting and managing the required quantities of inventory, while CAST software helps businesses plan the supply chain network, identifying the ideal locations for warehouses and distribution centres. The CINO software product offers a combination of inventory and network optimisation.  

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