Event: CAST Aurora Showcase Series - Calculating the SKU inventory levels within the Network Design

CAST Aurora Showcase Series: Calculating the SKU inventory levels within the Network Design

Wednesday 12th December 2012 at 9:00  and 14:00 UK Time (Duration: approx 60 minutes)

This is the 14th CAST Aurora showcase webinar, aimed to provide insight into next generation, network optimisation functionality:

The Challenge:
'Best In Class' companies are customising their service offering across different markets, channels and products in order to minimise costs. This includes designing the correct warehouse & transport infrastructure to meet target service lead-times, as well as calculating the appropriate inventory requirements to meet target product availability service levels.

The Opportunity:
Customers can now evaluate how network changes such as number & location of warehouses, and alternative demand to warehouse allocations can influence the level of 'demand risk pooling' at a location and can review its subsequent impact on resulting SKU level inventories. Similarly, in global supply networks, customers can calculate the SKU level inventory requirements, arising from switches in global sourcing with the associated changes in supply lead times. Furthermore, CAST users can run alternative product availability % service level scenarios on the network to generate Cost-Service curves for individual SKUs.

The Solution:
Barloworld will demonstrate how CAST Aurora can use transaction level demand data to calculate safety & cycle stocks at the SKU level across the supply chain network, in order to understand how different network configurations impact resulting network inventories & costs.

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