Inventory Optimisation for Trade Merchants

Inventory Optimisation: Bridging the gap

The world is getting smaller. The Far East now dominates the supply scene, bringing with it the challenge of predicting future good needs up to six months in advance. Add to that the restrictions of minimum order quantities and the constraints of containers, Trade Merchants perform a delicate inventory balancing act on a day-to-day basis.

End users are now more demanding than ever, looking for the one-stop-shop solution, and if you don't hold the stock, someone else will. New products have to be accounted for and good stock management is critical if Trade Merchants want to avoid getting stuck with obsolete stock. This requirement to hold broader product portfolios with shorter life cycles means Trade Merchants must also become the masters of promotions, pushing 'older' products or products with excess out of the door.

Forecasting Inventory: Taking care of business

At Barloworld Supply Chain Software, we understand that managing a complicated inventory forecasting process across many products and with many inputs is a real challenge; it's little wonder that many Trade Merchants are forced into buying outside of the system at inflated prices in order to satisfy their customers. But this doesn't have to be the case. Taking back control of inventory management can be a painless task.

We at Barloworld Supply Chain Software bring a world beating methodology, teamed with first class inventory management software and expertise that will transform your supply chain into a process that works with you and your staff to inspire your business.

Inventory Management: Understanding your supply chain needs

At Barloworld Supply Chain Software we understand the need for effective processes to ensure that demand is managed and that optimal orders are placed week-in and week-out. While Trade Merchants can easily collect accurate inventory data, without the right tools, successful manipulation of that data to create good forecasting information is a challenge. All too often, pressure is unfairly placed on Trade Merchants inventory planners to perform magic with that data, but with our help you can analyse and properly present this readily-available raw data, and transform simple replacement of inventory into forward planning, strategic modelling, visibility and control.

Inventory strategy: Delivering effective supply chain results to our customers

Stephen Bacon, Supply Chain Director at Jewson, came to Barloworld Supply Chain Software looking for simple, focussed supply chain software that did what it said on the tin. Not only did he get that, but he also benefited from reduced inventory, increased availability, improved visibility and the specialist knowledge that comes from a partnership with Barloworld Supply Chain Software.

"We're simple builder's merchants and we knew we needed a system to track existing flows of products and order just the right amount of stock at just the right time. Barloworld Supply Chain Software delivered a product that was not too complicated, was flexible and didn't involve huge changes to our existing system. The installation and use has been very successful: inventory has been reduced by 60%, while availability has increased from 85% to 98%. We are very satisfied and we are considering using this technology on more products longer-term."

In addition to the integration of Optimiza into Jewson, Barloworld Supply Chain Software also recommended changes to certain supply chain procedures and processes, consolidating sales and automating the management of product supersessions.

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