Supply Chain Modelling for Consultancies

Barloworld Supply Chain Software offers strategic network design, optimisation software and consulting services to leading consulting firms across the globe. The flexibility of the CAST Aurora supply chain network modelling software and its ease of use ensures a seamless application for consultancies to utilise when advising their clients, in response to ever increasing supply chain complexity. Such supply chains often encompass global souring, manufacturing, multi-tier warehousing and multi-mode transportation options that cannot be considered holistically without specialized network optimisation software such as CAST Aurora.

CAST Aurora Software - Highly Regarded By Consultancies

The CAST Aurora supply chain planning software product set is widely used within the Logistics consultancy industry to support strategic supply chain reviews. Both the established management consulting firms, as well as smaller boutique supply chain consultancies often use CAST Aurora software or Barloworld Supply Chain Software consultants to support their network design project engagements with their clients. Since CAST Aurora software permits rapid and accurate supply chain model development, it is well suited to consultancies who must consider many different supply chain network scenarios in a short project time frame.

However, consultancies typically have difficulty maintaining the necessary in-house skills and resources in a specialized discipline such as strategic network design. This means that a consulting firm will often turn to Barloworld Supply Chain Software for our deep, domain expertise and knowledge to deliver the supply chain modelling phase of a project more efficiently than they might themselves, whilst they concentrate on the broader strategic elements of a client's supply chain operations. This is particularly the case when the project may be in developing markets where Barloworld Supply Chain Software will already have significant network design experience and knowledge of existing transport rates & warehousing costs.

CAST Aurora software: Driving Consultancy Revenues

Consultancies also choose to take the CAST Aurora software modelling capability in-house, as a network design study is often the 1st phase of a strategic supply chain review and usually results in opportunities for savings through changes in their client's current supply chain strategy. CAST Aurora software not only permits the consultancy to offer valuable analytical insights into their client's operation, as well as identifying supply chain cost savings, but it also typically leads to additional phases of analysis and/or implementation required to realise the savings.

Customer Quote

Our experience of using CAST for our clients is very favourable. It addresses a number of different aspects of the supply chain at just the right level of detail, making the software ideal for strategic reviews.

CAST and Barloworld Supply Chain Software are an excellent combination. A flexible product which very closely satisfies our modelling needs and a company which is visibly committed to the highest level of support.

Barloworld Supply Chain Software's service is exceptional. The whole company appears to be fully committed to support, even at 4pm on a Saturday afternoon. As a consultancy we are (quite rightly) pushed very hard by our customers and so it is important to us that our suppliers can respond. Barloworld Supply Chain Software says that support is their top priority and that is certainly our experience.

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