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Why Barloworld Supply Chain Software?

Why choose Barloworld Supply Chain Software as your technology partner?

Barloworld Supply Chain Software is a leading provider of SMART supply chain planning and optimisation software and value driven services.

Our Supply Chain Platform enables leading companies to build a SMART and performing Supply Chain by defining their supply chain strategy, and subsequently optimise their supply and transport networks, and inventory performance to meet business goals.

Many companies, especially those with complex supply networks struggle to tie their strategic vision and plans to their executional processes; our software provides them with that capability globally.

Barloworld Supply Chain Software has more than 600 international clients, offices in the United Kingdom, France, South Africa, Dubai and the USA, supported by a global partner ecosystem.


Our parent company Barloworld Ltd is a global company, headquartered in South Africa with a turnover of $7bn, operations in 26 countries and is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

Our supply chain network modelling software, CAST, supports the long term strategic design of an optimal supply chain infrastructure, as well as the medium and short term configuration and tactical decision making. OPTIMIZA demand planning and inventory optimisation software delivers the best possible inventory deployment strategy and replenishment plans, based on a solid demand planning output.

Our solutions combine depth in functionality at all levels, with high usability, and are backed by a robust implementation methodology. We have a proven track record in delivering high value, through our training and mentoring programs, and strong returns on investment.

Our Leadership Team.

Richard Forrest
Chief Executive Officer
Kevin Boake
Managing Director
Fraser Ironside
Head of Strategic Modelling
Francois Viljoen
Chief Technology Officer
Michelle Newton
Marketing Director
Steve Christensen
Senior Vice President - Americas
Gilles Alais
Country Manager – France

Ethics and Compliance.

Changes in corporate governance, risk and compliance have been driven by events in global financial markets, globalisation, and a new era of corporate responsibility. This demands accountability and transparency from businesses, and particularly multinational business corporations.

Barloworld Supply Chain Software has established rigorous and disciplined compliance processes to sustain the corporate governance and risk management systems and structures that direct the business activities.

Barloworld Supply Chain Software as part of the Barloworld Group is committed to responsible business conduct and best practices. All group activities are guided by the governance framework of ethics, codes of conduct, policies and commitment to legal compliance.

Our code of conduct.

Barloworld Supply Chain Software is driven by the maxim of creating sustainable value for all its stakeholders. What sets us apart is our ability to develop and maintain mutually beneficial long-term business relationships. Our aspirations for the future, our high ethical standards and our commitment to leadership and excellence determine the Barloworld way of doing business are the foundation of our values:

  • Integrity ...the power of honesty
  • Excellence ...the power of intense focus
  • Teamwork ...the power of working together
  • Commitment ...the power of responsibility
  • Sustainability...the power of endurance

Ready to take the next step in your career?

Barloworld Supply Chain Software can certainly help you to grow and unleash your true potential.

Barloworld Supply Chain Software is a rapidly growing international company with a strong value proposition, and we are looking for outstanding individuals with experience in sales, marketing, development and support to join us.

If you are as passionate about supply chain as we are, and want to work with us to make some of the world’s largest businesses more competitive, then come and join our team of professionals. We are happy to train graduates, as well as provide a new challenge for experienced professionals.

If you have what it takes to succeed and make a difference in a fast paced, professional environment, then send your CV to:


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